About Jock’s Hot Sauce

Jock’s Hot Sauce is made by hand on the Welsh border using mostly organic, locally–sourced ingredients. A great natural, healthy product, with very little added salt or sugar and no allergens – and we’re getting some enthusiastic feedback from new customers.

“There’s no point in eating without it!”

As much about flavour as it is about heat, Jock’s Hot Sauce has a kick…but we’re not going in for a macho heat competition. Our sauce has a warm intensity that allows the flavour of the food to shine through. Home-smoked habanero peppers and garlic give our sauce a rich, rounded taste and texture that enhance a seemingly endless number of food combinations.

“It goes with everything!”

It’s often been said that great food and good friends bring forth great music, and it’s in this spirit that Jock’s Hot Sauce was created. Jock’s Hot Sauce started out when we ran out of the hot sauces that various fellow musician friends brought over from the States once every year or so. To keep us going between visits, we thought we’d try to make something ourselves and we rather liked it. And so did our friends and neighbours. They kept coming round for more, asking for it at festivals and hinting about Christmas and birthday presents. We started to bottle it up for them and someone suggested we sell it. So we did.

“Running out of Jock’s Hot Sauce constitutes a crisis in our kitchen.”

Here it is – hope you like it. Our small batch production is focused on quality and taste with subtle variations in flavour and heat from one batch to the next.

Let us know what you think of it on our Community Page, and tell us your favourite way to serve and eat Jock’s Hot Sauce.